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Product Attributes:


Product name UV Laser Cutting Machine
Brand Name: YUSH
Model Number: YSATM-4C
Certification: CE
Place of Origin: China
Packaging Details: Wooden Carton




UV Laser Cutting Machine USE:

The machine is used in cutting,opening the window and uncovery for CVL/FPC/RF and thin

multilayer board, as well as cutting a variety of substrates, such as ceramic, silicon etc.


UV Laser Cutting Machine Features:

1, Precision:Adopting linear motor module,Servo control,sizing compensation,optical positioning and

secondary positioning technologies.

2, High quality: little carbonization; high density graphics cutting.

3, Highly intelligent,efficient: With multi-panels cutting,auto-positioning,auto-correcting,automatic sizing compensation and exclusive cutting previews functions.


Cutting Examples:

High Density Graphics CNC Laser Cutting Machine With Little Carbonation


UV Laser Cutting Machine Client:


①System processing accuracy:±20μ

②Positioning accuracy:±3μm
③Repeat accuracy:±1μm
Cutting speed ≥150mm/s
Objects ①Cutting thickness:≦1.0mm
②Maximum processing size:610X460mm or 610×500mm(Optional)
Dimensions 1800*1600*1700mm
Weight 2500Kg
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