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product description
1. AOI principle: use modern optical principles and digital camera technology to shoot the detected object in real time, analyze and process the captured image through computer and special software, and automatically generate detection results.
2. AOI function: AOI effective detection rate: more than 99% (manual detection rate: about 70%);
Reduce labor: 2-4 people/production line, high detection efficiency;
Through the SPC function, the process defects can be accurately and accurately counted, which can be effectively controlled;
The stability is much higher than that of labor, and the comprehensive cost can be significantly reduced after long-term use;
It can enhance the company's comprehensive strength and effectively improve the company's overall competitiveness.
3. AOI advantages:
1) Checkable items:
After wave soldering of DIP plug-in: more tin, less tin, tin holes, short circuit, pins not coming out, etc.
SMT: missing parts, dislocation, wrong parts, reverse polarity, damage, pollution, less tin, more tin, short circuit, virtual welding, etc.
2) Powerful software functions
◆Color extraction, statistical analysis ◆Character recognition (OCR) ◆Color distance analysis
◆IC bridging ◆Black and white specific gravity analysis ◆Brightness analysis
◆Graphic similarity analysis ◆CAD data import ◆SPC statistical function
◆Operation level management ◆Barcode scanning ◆Offline programming
◆CAD data function ◆Automatic identification and detection of bottom surface ◆Multiple panel detection
◆Multi-machine interconnection ◆Self-built component standard library ◆It can generate and export daily, weekly and monthly reports
◆Can be connected to multiple maintenance stations
3) Precise mechanical structure design
◆High rigidity base, reasonable center of gravity, small vibration during operation, beautiful appearance
◆Precise screw guides and wire guides
◆Precision automatic fixture, convenient and quick to load and unload PCB
◆Exquisite assembly skills ensure the stable use and long life of the whole machine.
4) Stable electrical control
◆Servo drive system, stable and mature
◆LS mature and stable motion control
◆EPIX advanced image capture and processing technology
◆Omron stable various electrical components, long service life
◆LAAP high-flexible drag chain cable, the service life can reach 5-8 million times
◆Stable circuit, easy maintenance and safety.
5) Scientific light source design
◆Philips LED
◆The overall processing technology ensures the accuracy of the illumination angle of the light source
◆Strict brightness detection
◆Strict aging test to ensure a service life of 50,000 hours
◆Scientific use of the principle of three-color light can make the components show different colors of the body and solder at different angles to achieve accurate detection purposes

AOI Optical Inspection Equipment 0

Main components configuration list
No. Name Brand Unit Quantity
1 guide Bank of Taiwan Strip 4
2 screw Bank of Taiwan Strip 2
3 Screw seat Bank of Taiwan Set 2
4 Motors and Drives 200W Servo Motor Set 2
5 camera 5 million pixel CCD color camera Set 1
6 lens Qing Cheng Indivual 1
7 sports card Raise Set 1
8 color light source Three-color coaxial light source RGB Set 1
9 slot switch Omron Only 2
10 switching power supply Mean Well Taiwan Only 1
11 leakage protector Schneider, Chint Only 1
12 open Schneider, Chint Only 3
13 Intermediate relay Omron (not used) Set 2
IPC configuration computer Industrial computer chassis Tower 1
monitor Dell 22" Tower 1
CPU Intel i5-4460 Quad Core Set 1
motherboard P5P41T
Memory Kingston 8G
hard disk 1T
CD-ROM Pioneer DVD (not used)
Chassis power 450W

Applicable PCB Applicable process After SMT solder paste printing and reflow soldering, the circuit board inspection after reflow soldering can detect both sides of the PCB and detect multiple PCBs at the same time
After wave soldering of the DIP plug-in: more tin, less tin, tin holes, short circuit, the pins are not out.
Substrate size 25×25mm-550×460mm (large size can be customized)
Substrate thickness 0.3-5.0mm
Clear height above and below the substrate Top: ≤35mm; Bottom: ≤50mm (can be customized according to customer requirements)
After reflow Missing parts, multiple parts, solder balls, offset, side standing, tombstone, reverse sticking, extremely reverse, wrong parts, bad parts, bridge connection, virtual soldering, no solder, less solder, more solder, component floating, IC Leads are floating, IC leads are bent
DIP plug-in after wave soldering More tin, less tin, tin hole, short circuit, pin not coming out, etc.
Visual system camera system Full-color high-speed digital CCD camera
Lighting system Three-channel white LED light source or GRB light source
Resolution 10um, 15um, 18um, 20um, 25um are optional.
Detection method Color extraction, set color scale parameters
Computer system X/Y drive system Servo motor + precision ground ball screw
splint Automatic Fixture
positioning accuracy <8um
Moving speed 800mm/s(MAX)
Orbit adjustment manual
Software system operating system Windows10.64 Professional Edition
interface language Chinese and English optional interface
Test result output Substrate ID, Substrate Name, Component Name, Defect Name, Defect Picture
Power Specifications AC220±10%, 50/60HZ, 1KW
Ambient temperature -10-40℃
Environment humidity 20-90%RH (no frosting)
Overall size 980*910*1300
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