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Applicable working conditions
Robot welding, automation equipment, automatic assembly line, PCB, precision laser engraving, precision laser cutting and other supporting vacuuming.

Feature of product
1. Linkage interface design, which can be linked with supporting equipment.
2. It can work continuously for 24 hours.
3. The product has phase sequence and thermal overload protection functions.
4. Schneider brand electrical appliances, with the characteristics of safety and stability.
5. Equipped with 2 PTFE-coated high-efficiency filters as standard, with a filtration area of 2.16m² and a filtration accuracy of 0.3μm.
6. Pulse cleaning, automatic pulse cleaning filter time can be set according to requirements.
7. The pull-out large-capacity dust-collecting drawer is convenient for dumping garbage.
8. The machine body is made of 2.0 thick sheet metal, and after spraying and high temperature baking, the paint will not fall off and rust.
9. With brake universal wheel, it is convenient for the machine to move.

Cabinet vacuum cleaner for automation equipment 0

Product parameters Unit YSL-200P YSL-300P
power Kw 2.2 3
Voltage V-Hz 380-50/60 380-50/60
capacity L 15 15
total filter area c㎡ 21600 21600
Filtration accuracy μm 0.3 0.3
number of filters PC 2 2
air flow volume m³/h 320 320
vacuum suction mbar 190 260
noise dB 66 67
Suction diameter mm 40/50 40/50
Power cord length m 7 7
Net size (L*W*H) mm 530*500*1030 530*500*1030
Filter cleaning method - Pulse cleaning

Cabinet vacuum cleaner for automation equipment 1 Cabinet vacuum cleaner for automation equipment 2

sobbing dust drawer                                         cooling fan

Cabinet vacuum cleaner for automation equipment 3 Cabinet vacuum cleaner for automation equipment 4

Water separator                                   2 filters area 2.16㎡

Cabinet vacuum cleaner for automation equipment 5 Cabinet vacuum cleaner for automation equipment 6

Schneider Electric                           Control panel/negative pressure gauge

1. Remote control terminal
Step 1 Insert the remote control terminal plug into the remote control terminal socket

2. Power indicator panel
The second step is to turn on the power switch and the local/remote switch

3. Remote control switch
Step 3 After the installation of the remote control switch is completed, turn on the switch, that is, the switch signal contacts, and the machine can be turned on remotely.

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