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Precision laser cutting dust removal

Box-type industrial dust collector 0

Applicable working conditions
Mainly used for the collection and treatment of floating and suspended dust with a large amount of dust, and small central dust collection systems for multi-station operations; suitable for grinding, cutting, stirring, sandblasting, ceramics, paper, steel, food, plastic, Wood processing and other industries;

Box-type industrial dust collector 1

Product Features

1. Large air volume and low noise, industrial fans can work continuously for 24 hours;
2.4 automatic pulse cleaning systems for PTFE-coated filter cartridges;
3. It can be matched with small laser cutting machines for dust removal; engraving machines, grinders/belt machines, rubber cutting machines, grinders, milling machines and other machining equipment are matched with dust removal. It is mostly used for the collection and treatment of floating and suspended dust.
4.2.0 sheet metal, independent electrical box, built-in air duct
5. Separate dust collecting bucket with see-through window, you only need to lift and pull the dust collecting bucket to pull out the dust collecting bucket. There is a universal wheel under the dust collecting bucket, which is very convenient for dumping and inhaling materials.
6.68DB noise reduction technology can be placed indoors and outdoors to keep front-line employees away from noise hazards.

Box-type industrial dust collector 2

Specification Unit YSL-370 YSL-550
Power Kw 3.7 5.5
Voltage V 380V 50Hz/60Hz
Capacity L 50 50
Total filter area 32 32
Filter composite EA 4 4
Filtration accuracy μm 0.3 0.3
Air flow volume m³/H 2900 3200
Vacuum suction Kpa -3.8 -4.2
Noise Db 67 68
Air pressure Mpa 0.5Mpa<work value<0.6Mpa
Size MM 900*850*2250
Cleaning method Pulse automatic jet cleaning
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