Selective Soldering System
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Device model:YSL-LED

Visual positioning printing press 0

Equipment performance parameters

PCB Max Size 890X510mm (Two-stage support 1200-1500mm)
PCB Min Size 50X60mm
PCB Thickness 1~6mm
Transport Height 900 ± 40mm
Transport Direction L-R / R-L
Product weight ≤5KG
Conveyor Edge Distance ≥9mm
Bottom Of Compinent Height ≤10mm
Lifter Methhod Side Lifter
Conveyor Stage Two-section transport rail
I/O lnterface SMEMA
Cleaning System Vacuum cleaning Glue
CCD FOV 13x10mm
visual system CCD Vision Positioning System
Machine Specifications
Position Accuracy ±50μm@3sigma
Repeat Position Accuracy ±25μm@3sigma
Operating system Windows 7
Air supply 4~6 Kgf/cm2
Power supply AC:220±10%, 50/60HZ ,1.5KW
Control Method PC Control
Machine Dimensions 1600(L) x 1258(W) x 1490(H)mm
Machine Weight Approx: 1000Kg

Functional configuration

The standard configuration Air pressure stabilization device option configuration Microbalance
Vacuum cleaning device wipe system
Low hydraulic level detection Scan the code online
XYZ axis calibration platform Dual valve synchronization
head heating MES system
Pneumatic valve Piezo valve

Dimensions and Appearance

Visual positioning printing press 1

Testing report

Test items Repeat accuracy X Repeat accuracy Y Positioning accuracy X Positioning accuracy Y
Specification ―25μm~25μm ―50μm~50μm
standard 3.335 3.593 2.692 1.995
CPK measured value passed passed passed passed

Visual positioning printing press 2

Test method: The machine simulates production by itself, generates CPK data, CPK test software reads and analyzes the results, and generates graphics
Test speed: CCD X: 800mm/s
CCD Y: 800mm/s
Image acquisition delay: 110ms
Transport speed: 20mm/s
Test environment: machine level
Temperature: 24℃
Humidity: 60%

Visual positioning printing press 3

Application field

Visual positioning printing press 4

Visual positioning printing press 5

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