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YSL - G5 Function Introduction

YSL-G5 Automatic Solder Paste Printer 0

1. Image and optical path system
The new optical path system--uniform ring light and high-brightness coaxial light, together with the brightness function that can be adjusted steplessly, makes all types of Mark points (including uneven Mark points) can be well identified. Tin-plated, copper-plated, gold-plated, tin-sprayed, FPC and other types of PCBs with different colors. YSL's patented mathematical operation model ensures that the machine can achieve high-precision alignment and can achieve 01005 printing.

YSL-G5 Automatic Solder Paste Printer 1

2. Simple and easy-to-use humanized Chinese/English operation interface
Using windows XP operation interface, it has good man-machine dialogue function; especially in the navigation effect of program files, it is convenient for all operators to quickly familiarize with the operation; menu type Chinese/English switching, operation log, fault record/fault self-diagnosis/fault analysis Prompt/light alarm and other functions make the operation simple and convenient.

3. High adaptability steel mesh frame clamping system
Realize the printing of various sizes of screen frames, and can realize the rapid replacement of models in the production process.

4. YSL special adjustment jacking platform

YSL-G5 Automatic Solder Paste Printer 2

5. Cleaning system
The system provides three cleaning methods: dry cleaning, wet cleaning and vacuum cleaning. These three methods can be used in any combination, and when the customer does not need automatic cleaning, manual cleaning can be realized under the production interface, thereby reducing cleaning time and improving production. efficiency. The new wiping system ensures full contact with the steel mesh, and the large vacuum suction ensures that the residual solder paste in the mesh can be vigorously eliminated, and an effective automatic cleaning function is truly realized. The CCD part and the cleaning part are separated, when the CCD works, the CCD part moves independently, which reduces the load of the servo motor and improves the movement speed and precision of the machine.

6. 2D solder paste printing quality inspection and analysis
It can quickly detect printing problems such as offset, less tin, missing printing, and continuous tin to ensure printing quality

YSL-G5 Automatic Solder Paste Printer 3

The standard configuration YSL-G5 Technical parameters and specifications
Model YSL-G5
Mask Mask Min.Size(mm) 370*370mm
Mask Max.Size(mm) 737*737mm
Mask Clamping Air Cylinder
PCB PCB Min.Size(LxW mm) 50*50mm
PCB Max.Size(LxW mm) 400*340mm
Thickness(mm) 0.4~6mm
Max.Weight 3kg
PCB Under Clearrance 15mm
PCB Clamping Type Unique top flattening (auto retractable top crimping)/flexible side clamps/platform vacuum
PCB Support Magnetic Thimble/Contour Block/
Self-adjusting jacking platform
Conveyor Conveyor Stage One-section transport rail
Transport Direction left-right / right-left /
left-left / right-right
Conveyor width adjustment automatic
Squeegee Squeegee Type Plastic scraper/steel scraper (angle 45°/ 55°/ 60°), user defined
Auto.Pressure Control 0.5~10Kg
Length L=280,user-defined
Speed 10~200mm/sec
Moving Direction Move in the Y-axis direction
Accuracy Repeated Accuracy ±0.01mm
Printing Accuracy ±0.025mm
Printing time Cycle Time(Excluding Printing and Cleaning time) <8sec
Fiducial Mark Type Standard shape reference point
Size 0.5~4mm
Mark Number 2 or 4 marks
datum point positioning system
Mark Searching automatic
Separation Separation Type normal/vacuum
Speed 0~20mm/s
Distance 0~20mm
Cleaning System Cleaning Type Enhanced vacuum adsorption; three modes of dry, wet and vacuum;
Cleaning Head Wear resistant material
Moving Direction Move in the Y-axis direction
Product Changing Time Product changeover <3 mins
New Product Set up <5 mins
Other Operation System Windows XP /Win7
Air Supply 4~6 Kgf/cm2
Power Supply AC:220±10%,
Weight 1000Kg
Single Size(LxWxH mm) 1158(L)*1362(W)*1463(H)
2D Inspection Splicing Size(mm) /
FOV Camera 8*6mm
Inspection Less tin or missing and continuous tin
Inspection Size 0.3mm or more
Max.Teaching Windows Up to 500 screens can be displayed

YSL-G5 List of main parts of automatic solder paste printing machine
Machine parts Name Brand Quantity Note
Z-axis lift section Precision Ball Screw Kuroda/Japan 1 set
Linear slide HIWIN/Taiwan 2 sets
Servo motor + driver Panasonic/Japan 1 set
photoelectric sensor OMRON/Japan 2
Platform Correction Section Linear slide IKO/Japan 9 sets
Linear Motor Haydon/USA 3 sets
photoelectric sensor OMRON/Japan 8
PCB Transport and holding parts Precision Ball Screw GTEN/Taiwan 1 set
Linear slide HIWIN/Taiwan 10 sets
Linear slide CSK/Taiwan 2 sets
stepper motor Shinano/Japan 3 sets
photoelectric sensor Autonics/Korea 2
CCD Vision Section Precision Ball Screw--X Axis Kuroda/Japan 1 set
Precision Ball Screw--Y Axis Kuroda/Japan 1 set
Linear slide--X axis INA/Germany 1 set
Linear slide--Y axis INA/Germany 2 sets
Servo motor + driver Panasonic/Japan 2 sets
CCD camera CIS/Japan 1 set
photoelectric sensor Opus/Japan 2
photoelectric sensor OMRON/Japan 4
Scraper part Precision Ball Screw GTEN/Taiwan 2 sets
Linear slide HIWIN/Taiwan 6 sets
Servo motor + driver Aiweitu/China 1 set
Stepper Motor + Driver Shinano/Japan 2 sets
photoelectric sensor OMRON/Japan 4
Fixed part of screen frame Linear slide HIWIN/Taiwan 1 set
cylinder SMC/Japan 6 pieces
photoelectric sensor Autonics/Korea 1
Cleaning part Roll paper motor + driver DINGS/China 1 set
Drip motor + driver Shinano/Japan 1 set
Linear slide HIWIN/Taiwan 1 set
photoelectric sensor OMRON/Japan 4 pieces
Industrial computer Advantech/Taiwan 1 set
Control section motion control card Lei Sai/China 3 sets
LCD color display DELL/USA 1 set 17 inches
mouse colorful/china 1
keyboard Wallaby/China 1
hand press Izumi/Japan 5
Other bearing NSK/Japan All
flexible cable IGUS/Germany
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