Selective Soldering System
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1. Independent research and development of electromagnetic pump
2. Adopt roller conveying system to increase welding space
3. Modular design, easy to maintain
4. Display the welding status in the whole process

Parameter Name Specification
Body parameters Device Dimensions 1435(L)*1800(W)*1670(H)
Equipment weight (KG) 1050
Maximum PCB board size 510(L)*450(W)
Minimum PCB board size 120(L)*50(W)
PCB top clearance 120
PCB bottom clearance 60
PCB process side ≥3
Conveyor belt height above ground 900±20
PCB transfer speed 0.2-10
PCB weight (KG) ≤5
PCB thickness (including fixture) 1-6
Adjustable range of conveyor belt 50-450
Conveyor belt width adjustment method Electric
PCB transfer direction Left to right
Air intake pressure 0.6
Nitrogen supply Provided by customer
Nitrogen inlet pressure 0.6
Nitrogen consumption 1.5
Required nitrogen purity >99.999
Voltage 380
Frequency 50/60
Maximum power consumption <28
Maximum current <56
Ambient temperature
Machine noise <65
Communication Interface SMEMA
Welding system Welding X-axis maximum travel 510
Maximum travel of welding Y axis 450
Welding Z axis maximum travel 60
Minimum Nozzle Outer Diameter 5.5
Nozzle inner diameter 2.5-10
Maximum crest height 5
Tin furnace capacity Approx.13kg(Sn63Pb)/ Approx.12kg(lead-free)
Maximum Soldering Temperature 330
Tin furnace heating power 1.15
Preheating system Preheat temperature range <200
Heating power 6
Heating method Hot air

Fast and convenient programming system

Online independent welding machine 0

Features and advantages:
1. Three programming methods to choose from
2. Support offline programming
3. Different welding parameters are available for each welding point
4. Process data recording

Stable and high-quality welding----welding module
1. The crest is stable
2. The nozzle is easy to remove and replace
3. High quality nozzle (can be used for 3 months)
4. Small footprint
5. Energy saving
6. Fast line change

Online independent welding machine 1

Transmission system----transmission track

Online independent welding machine 2

The transmission system adopts roller conveying, which increases the welding space and is more conducive to the welding of components close to the edge of the board.

Solutions for high productivity
1. Modular design to meet the requirements of flexibility and high production capacity
2. Suitable for double splicing, double the production capacity
3. Occasions where two specifications of nozzles to meet the needs of imposition are completed

Online independent welding machine 3

Selective soldering process
Welding process:
1. Transfer the PCB board to the designated location
2. The electromagnetic pump is welded according to the programmed path, and the top hot air is preheated at the same time
3. PCB outgoing

Online independent welding machine 4

Basic structure module

Online independent welding machine 5

Using an electromagnetic pump, compared with a mechanical pump, the electromagnetic pump has stable wave peaks during operation, no mechanical wear of the movement, and produces very little waste. In addition, the welding module adopts a high-precision motion system to ensure the accuracy of the welding process. , The colleague cooperates with the special process, which can greatly eliminate the phenomenon of tin connection. In terms of user experience, it provides welding monitoring cameras and automatic detection of wave height, which greatly improves the user experience.

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