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In-line vertical reflow oven, with compact structure, small space occupying which greatly saves building space; high production efficiency which is much higher than the traditional oven, especially for the products which needs long time heating in the oven and it effectively improves the production capacity. The demand for the vertical reflow oven is larger and larger; the vertical type instead of the traditional curing oven has become a trend.

Vertical Reflow Oven S SERIES 0


1.Effectively improve the capacity

2.Enhance the curing quality

3.Small occupying area and save the workshop space

4.Lower the use-cost

S SERIES Specification
Model YSL-200S YSL-300S YSL-400S Remarks
Machine Dimension L2140xW1800xH2150mm L2390xW1870xH2150mm L2870xW2010xH2150mm
Machine Weight Approx.1600kg Approx.1800kg Approx.2000kg
Product size MAX:W250*L320mm MAX:W320*L410mm MAX:W460*L530mm
Inlet height 900±20mm
Storage type Vertical storage
Storage quantity Max product storage number:60pcs Can be customized
Pitch height Integral multiple of 25.4mm Can be customized
Temperature range Room temp~200℃
Warming up time Approx.15min Set temp 150℃
Running power About 6KW
Total power 45KW
Temperature control accuracy ±1℃
Abnormal alarm 3-color signal lamp + Human-machine interface prompt
Power supply 3P5L 380V 50/60Hz

Double lifting system, great quantity of storage space,can meet the high efficiency production

Vertical Reflow Oven S SERIES 1

Adopts high accuracy step motor for buffer and push structure, ensure the pushing accuracy

Vertical Reflow Oven S SERIES 2

PCB conveying detection in the oven  adopts imported fiber optic sensor which  greatly ensure the operation reliability.

Vertical Reflow Oven S SERIES 3

Main application: Chip bonding, under fill, components packing and other production process which needs thermo curing. (Include automobile, motor, instrument, communication and other industries)

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