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UX series oven is based on customer demand and adopts modular, digital and humanized design. With superiority in function, performance, stability, reliability, security, maintainability,operability and humanization,it doesn't only reduce the operating cost, but also provides qualified products for quality,quantity and production with strong guarantee.It can be described as the "peak" work in the fifield of Wave soldering products, and the preferred "brand products" for customer investment.
UX Series Lead-free Wave Soldering Machine (new high -end machine) 0
Integrated spray fluxer unit(selective spray device is optional)
UX Series Lead-free Wave Soldering Machine (new high -end machine) 1
Drawer type and modular structure preheating zones
UX Series Lead-free Wave Soldering Machine (new high -end machine) 2
Cast iron soldering pot with special anti-corrosion coating
UX Series Lead-free Wave Soldering Machine (new high -end machine) 3

Manual width adjustment with digital display
UX Series Lead-free Wave Soldering Machine (new high -end machine) 4

Solder pot electric/manual lifting in and out
UX Series Lead-free Wave Soldering Machine (new high -end machine) 5
1.The transportation system adopts section floating structure, effectively prevent guide rail deformation, new titanium alloy double hook finger,non-stick tin, direct linkage buffering, aluminum guide rail, more smooth.
2.Spray unit integrated module design, through the fast connector connected with the machine; adopts new precision nozzle, which can achieve
high efficiency, uniform atomization coating effect and meet the process requirements of water flux.
3.The preheating system adopts micro-hot air + infrared heating tube, three-section preheating temperature zone, drawer type modular design,flexible selection of mixed preheating mode, uniform and stable temperature.
4.Forced air cooling system (Water chiller is optional).
5.The solder pot system adopts special material for pot, and anti-corrosion treatment for inner surface. (New nozzle fixed mode, easy to remove and assembly; the solder pot temperature control precision is ±2℃; solder pot electric/manual lifting in and out, easy to operate.
6.Windows 7 operating system, Chinese/English intelligent software, with parameter setting, saving, reuse, remote monitoring functions. Process
profile/data automatic storage function, temperature profile test function.
UX Series Lead-free Wave Soldering Machine (new high -end machine) 6
01 Buffer system
02 Flux supply system
03 Exhaust fan
04 Flus spray system
05 LCD
06 Pre-heater
07 Solder pot lifting unit
08 Dual wave solder pot
09 Cooling system
10 Angle adjustment controller
11 Finger cleaning system

12 Conveyor system

Model No. YSL-350UX YSL-450UX YSL-610UX
Dimension: L*W*H(mm) 4350*1480*1750 4350*1580*1750 4350*1740*1750
Weight Approx.1800kg Approx.1950kg Approx.2150k
Power Supply 3PH 380V 50HZ 3PH 380V 50HZ 3PH 380V 50HZ
Start up Power 32KW 32KW 45KW
Normal Running Power Approx.8KW Approx.8.5KW Approx.11KW
Control System PC+PLC
Spraying movement Step motor
Spraying Pressure 0.2Mpa~0.4Mpa
Flux Flow Control Option
Auto Flux Filling Standard
Exhausting Top exhaust+Side exhaust
Exhausting Pipe Diameter(mm) Φ250
Exhaust Capacity 30m³/min
Preheating Mode Hot air convection/IR
Temperature Control Mode PID
Preheating Zone Quantity 3
Preheating Zone Length(mm) 1800
Preheating Temperature Range Room temperature~200℃
Warm-up Time(min) Approx.12min(setting: 150℃)
Preheating Blower Motor 250W 3PH 220 VAC
Width(mm) 50~350 50~450 50~610
PCB Conveying Direction L→R( Option:R→L)
Conveying Speed(mm/min) 500~1800
Conveying Height(mm) 750±20
Available Component Height(mm) Top120 Option:240 Bottom15
Conveying Speed Control Mode Closed loop stepless speed regulation by inverter
Finger Spring Pressing Finger;D-40 Type Finger;Double-hook Finger;Heavy type double hook finger(Options) Heavy type double hook finge
Option:Special jig for fixture
Conveying Angle 4~7°
Solder Pot Type Mechanical
Solder Pot Material Casting Iron
Wave Height Adjustment Inverter: Digital Control by PC
Cooling type Air Cooling Option: Water cooling
Solder Pot Heating Power 13.5KW 18KW
Max Solder Pot Temperature 300℃
Solder Pot Capacity Approx.480kg Approx.550kg Approx.640kg
Wave Driving Power 180W*2 3PH 220 VAC
Solder Pot Warm-up Time Approx.150min(setting: 250℃)
Temperature Control Mode PID
Finger Cleaning System Brush

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