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Five Features
1.Compact structure and small footprint.
2.PC+PLC control system.
3.IR preheating, high thermal efficiency and uniform temperature.
4.Step motor control spraying, more stable and reliable.
5.Adopts small solder pot, reduces the cost.
Flexible Modular Lead-free Wave Soldering Machine 0

Built-in Spraying Device
Flexible Modular Lead-free Wave Soldering Machine 1
Drawer type module preheating unit
Flexible Modular Lead-free Wave Soldering Machine 2
Linkage inlet buffering
Flexible Modular Lead-free Wave Soldering Machine 3
Solder Pot with Cast iron Material
Flexible Modular Lead-free Wave Soldering Machine 4

1.Conveying system: Direct buffering input structure. Special stainless steel chain transmission, aluminum alloy rail unique design, durable;Conveying system: adopt segmental floating structure, effectively prevent guide rail deformation;
2.Preheating system: Drawer-type energy-saving design.IR preheating,PID mode temperature control ,the temperature accuracy can reach to ±2℃;the dropping temperature between preheating zone and soldering zone is ≤5℃;
3.Flux spraying system:Adopt precision control valve for digital regulation, convenient management. Nozzle movement is controlled by stepping motor.Flux automatic pressure supply, can make the spray flow quickly reach saturation, top exhaustin, filtration system;
4.The solder pot adopts external heating, it is made of cast iron, the inner surface is anticorrosive treatment, with two low-flow nozzle and low oxidation design;
5.Forced air cooling system;
6.PC+PLC control system. Windows7 operation system with Chinese/English operation interface. Processing profile and data auto saving function.Alarm for detecting the flux and solder level.
Flexible Modular Lead-free Wave Soldering Machine 5
01 Buffer system
02 Exhaust fan
03 Flux spraying system
04 Pre-heater
05 Solder pot lifting unit
06 Dual wave solder pot
07 Angle adjustment controller
08 Cooling system
09 Finger cleaning system

10 LCD

Model No. YSL-300E YSL-320E
Dimension: L*W*H(mm) 3385*1240*1540 3385*1190*1540
Weight Approx.1150kg Approx.1100kg
Power Supply 3PH 380V 50HZ 3PH 380V 50HZ
Start up Power 28KW 27KW
Normal Running Power 7KW 6.7KW
Control System PC+PLC
Spraying movement Step motor
Spraying Pressure 0.2Mpa~0.4Mpa
Flux Flow Control Option
Auto Flux Filling Standard
Exhausting Top exhaust /
Exhausting Pipe Diameter(mm) Φ250
Exhaust fan power 370W /
Preheating Mode IR
Temperature Control Mode PID
Preheating Zone Quantity 2
Preheating Zone Length(mm) 1500
Preheating Temperature Range Room temperature~200℃
Warm-up Time(min) Approx.12min(setting: 150℃)
Width(mm) 50~300
PCB Conveying Direction L→R( Option:R→L)
Conveying Speed(mm/min) 500~1800
Conveying Height(mm) 750±20
Available Component Height(mm) Top120 Bottom15
Conveying Speed Control Mode Closed loop stepless speed regulation by inverter
Finger Spring Pressing Finger;D-40 Type Finger;Double-hook Finger;Heavy type double hook finger(Options)
Conveying Angle 4~6°
Solder Pot Type Mechanical
Solder Pot Material Casting Iron material
Wave Height Adjustment Digital Control by PC
Cooling type Air cooling /
Solder Pot Heating Power 9KW 220V 9KW
Max Solder Pot Temperature 300℃
Solder Pot Capacity Approx.350kg
Wave Driving Power 180W*2 3PH 220 VAC
Solder Pot Warm-up Time Approx.150min(setting: 250℃)
Temperature Control Mode PID
Finger Cleaning System Brush /

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