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1.Adopt high quality stainless steel chain for conveying;
2.Adopts the new type cleaning chain device for thoroughly cleaning;
3.Exhaust device adopts large air volume, high air pressure, low noise fan,upper and lower exhaust filter structure, two-stage filter;
4.It can effectively prevent the flux dropping on the surface of PCB and keep it clean;
5.The imported nozzle with small diameter is adopted to adjust the spraying conveniently,which will display the air pressure parameters in numerical value that is convenient for management and operation;
6.Flux supplying with constant pressure, and equips with flux auto adding device;
7.Man-machine interface operation, PLC control;
8.PC+ motion controller control, realize X, Y axis linkage;( for selective spraying option).
9.Stainless steel filter + backflow mechanism is used above the spray, and the lower layer is equipped with air pumping mechanism on both sides of the box, which improves the flux recovery rate;

Eco-friendly Flux sprayer 0

Remarks:The computer and monitor will be configured for the selective sprayer.


Item YSL-350S YSL-350S(selective spray function)
Conveyer Motor 220V 60W
Conveyor Speed 0.5-1.8min
PCB Size 50-350mm
Inlet height 750±20mm
Spray drive motor Step Motor 48V
Finger Cleaning Pump 220V 10W
Exhaust fan 3380V 50Hz 750W
Air pressure of Spray Fluxer 3-6bar
Dimension 1450(L)*1100(W)*1350(H)mm
Total Power Consumption Approx. 1.3KW
Normal running power 1.0KW
Power 3380V 50Hz/60Hz
Net Weight Approx.350kg
Control Type PLC Touch screen+PLC PC+ motion controller

Finger Type

We now have five different types of fingers as standard finger might not be able to meet customer products’requirements

Double hook finger Item Parameter
Technical distance ≥4mm
PCB thickness ≤3mm
Material Titanium alloy
Double hook finger
(L type)
Item Parameter
Technical distance ≥4mm
PCB thickness For the production with jig, no limit on thickness of jigs
Material Titanium alloy
Light-duty double
Hook Finger
Item Parameter
Technical distance ≥4mm
PCB thickness ≤2.5mm
Material Material is stainless steel and titannium alloy
Spring pressed finger Item Parameter
Technical distance ≥4.5mm
PCB thickness ≤5mm
Material Support chip is titanium alloy,tabletting is stainless steel
D-40 duchbill finger Item Parameter
Technical distance ≥3mm
PCB thickness ≤2mm
Material Titanium alloy

Eco-friendly Flux sprayer 1

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