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U Series reflow oven 0
Technical requirements:
1.The customer to install control valve to control the import and export of the exhaust volume up to 145;
2.Each up to 145 entrance hole exhaust volume control in 15-20M³/min;
3.The main power supply: 3 380V diameter AC five wire, the main power line diameter of more than 35mm².
U Series reflow oven 1

U Series reflow oven 2

U Series Product Features
1.High heat energy, low energy consumption, high power motor matching wind wheel,theoretical and practical verification; under the same conditions set, can ensure the small and large components to achieve the minimum heat absorption difference,and achieve the best thermal balance;
2.The latest thermal insulation technology and the new furnace structure design can effectively reduce the furnace surface temperature and reduce the heat loss;
3.Imported PLC program controller, stable and reliable performance, high precision of temperature control and curve repetition;
4.Double-sided guide rail with special hardening treatment, strong and durable, repeatable use, cost saving up to 50%;
5.Online maintenance of rosin recycling system, modular design,convenient maintenance, reduce maintenance time;
6.Patented hot air system, hot air convection conduction more efficient, faster heat compensation;
7.Built-in real-time monitoring system of furnace temperature, which can automatically generate furnace temperature curve (option);
8.Intelligent data can be traced and uploaded to MES system.
U Series reflow oven 3
Heating module design is easy for maintenance and cleaning.Front and rear re-flow design could insulate the heating effect between heating zones in order to achieve the accuracy temperature and longer life-time of hot-air-flow motors. Also by the frequent control of motors,the speed of air flow could be adjusted.

U Series reflow oven 4
Manual+electric width adjustment structure design,equipped with emergency manual transmission structure in case of preventing PCB burned when power off.
U Series reflow oven 5

Special adjustable width and transmission design can ensure stable and reliable PCB transmission by anti-jammed chain.

U Series reflow oven 6
High stability control system,powerful function.

Technical parameters

U series reflow oven main specifications
Model NO YSL-808AU/YSL-808NU YSL-810AU/YSL-810NU YSL-812AU/YSL-812NU
Heating system
Heating Zone 8 heating zones,16 heating modules 10 heating zones,20 heating modules 12 heating zones,24 heating modules
Heating Length 2950mm 3670mm 4390mm
Cooling Type Three cooling zones:forced air cooling/water cooling
Outlet Exhaust Diameter valume 2-0145,Exhaust demand 15-20m³/min x2
Conveyor System
Product Width min50mm-max400mm
Conveying Direction L→R,R→L
Inlet Height 900±20mm
Fixed Rail Side Front rail Fixed(Option∶Rear Rail Fixed)
Conveyor Type Chain+mesh with synchronous conveying
Cmponent Height +30mm;-25mm/Clearance above 30mm,Clearance below 25mm
conveying speed 300mm-2000mm/min
control system
Power Supply AC30 5W 380V 50/60HZ
Total Power 57KW 71KW 89KW
Start Up Power 30KW 35KW 40KW
Running Power 7.5KW 9.5KW 11.5KW
Temperature Range -320℃/Room temperature 320℃
Control type PC+PLC Control system
Rail Width Adjusting Mode Electric+Manual
Temp Control accuracy ±1℃
PCB Temp Deviation ±1℃
Data storage Process Data and status record
Power Outage Protection Equipped with UPS
operation Interface Windows Chinese simplified,English online free switching
Dimension(LxWxH) 5580*1450*1620mm 6300x1450x1620mm 7020x1450x1620mm
Weight 2300-2500kg 2700-2900kg 3100-3300kg
Color Bright wrinkled white

U Series reflow oven 7

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