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SE Series reflow oven (Daul Rails) 0
SE series reflow oven main specifications (Daul Rails)
Model No YSL-708AHSE
Daul Rails
Daul Rails
YSL-708NHSE Daul Rails YSL-710AHSE Daul Rails YSL-710HSE Daul Rails YSL-710NHSE Daul Rails YSL-712AHSE Daul Rails YSL-712HSE Daul Rails YSL-712NHSE Daul Rails
Heating System
Heating Zone 8 heating zones, 16 heating modules 10 heating zones, 20 heating modules 12 heating zones, 24 heating modules
Heating Length 2950mm 3670mm 4350mm
Cooling Type Double cooling:enforced air cooling/water cooling(Optional:three cooling zones)
Outlet Exhaust Diameter valume 2-145,Exhaust demand 15m³/min*2
Conveyor System
Product width Min50mm-Max270mm(simultaneously)/(Optional:Simultaneous overboard max300mm)
Min50mm-Max500mm(single track)/(Optional: single track over board max550mm)
Conveying Direction L→R,R→L
Inlet Height 900±20mm
Fixed Rail Side Front and Rear End Rails Fixed,2 Central Rail adjustable
Conveyor Type Chain+mesh belt synchronous transmission
Cmponent Height Clearance based on the rail:above 30mm,below 20mm
Conveying speed 300mm-1500mm/min(Option:Double Speed)
Control System
Power Supply AC3 5W 380V 50/60Hz
Total Power 70KW 89KW 108KW
Start Up Power 35KW 40KW 42KW
Running Power 10KW 11.5KW 13KW
Temperature Range Room temperature to 320℃
Control type PC+PLC Control system
Rail Width Adjusting Mode Electric+Manual
Temp Control accuracy ±1℃
PCB Temp Deviation ±2℃
Data Storage Process Data and status stotage
Power Outage Protection Equipped with UPS
Operation interface Windows Chinese simplified,English online free switching
Dimension(L*W*H) 5055*1610*1515mm 5775*1610*1515mm 6495*1610*1515mm
Weight 2500-2700KG 2900-3100KG 3300-3500KG
Color Bright wrinkled white

Manual+electric width adjustment structure design, equipped with emergency manual transmission structure in case of preventing PCB burned when power off.

SE Series reflow oven (Daul Rails) 1 SE Series reflow oven (Daul Rails) 2

Conveyor system:stable and reliable anti-deformation structure design.

Built-in temperature profile test function, virtual simulation function, save setting time.

SE Series reflow oven (Daul Rails) 3 SE Series reflow oven (Daul Rails) 4

Two cooling zones
Cooling system, new patented structure design, forced air cooling and water cooling structure which can be upgraded and exchanged; Convenient and fast maintenance; Cooling area temperature display is adjustable.
SE Series reflow oven (Daul Rails) 5 SE Series reflow oven (Daul Rails) 6
Modular structure, easy to clean and maintain. Front and rear air return design, effectively prevent the influence of air flow between the zones, ensure accurate temperature control. Long life high performance hot air motor. Frequency converter control, wind speed adjustable hot air motor.
High-precision nitrogen flow agent and oxygen content analyzer can accurately control the nitrogen flow, and can be equipped with a nitrogen closed-loop control system to achieve low nitrogen consumption and low-cost production.
SE Series reflow oven (Daul Rails) 7 SE Series reflow oven (Daul Rails) 8
Option: full nitrogen filling Full nitrogen filling is optional, multi-directional protection product welding quality,to improve production efficiency.
SE Series reflow oven (Daul Rails) 9
Online maintenance rosin recovery system, simple operation, convenient and fast, effectively reduce customer production costs.
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