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Basic parameter Specifications:

1. Single side working size: 290mm X 350mm

2. Four-axis servo drive: X, Y1, Y2, Z

3. X-Y AC Servo speed: 0-1000mm/sec

4. Z AC Servo speed: 0-800mm/sec

5.X-Y repetition accuracy: ±0.01mm

6. Cutting accuracy: ±0.02mm

7. CCD camera calibration accuracy: ±0.01mm

8. Plate stress value: 300uε below

9. NSK spindle speed: Max.60,000rpm

10. Tool diameter: 0.8-2.3mm

11. PCB board cutting thickness: 0.2mm-6.0mm

12. Dust collector power: 2HP (upper vacuum)

13. Dust collection cabinet size: 640mm×785mm×1760mm(D×W×H)

14. Machine size: 1075mm×1430mm×1460mm(D×W×H)

15. Weight of main engine + dust collector: 800 KG

Vacuum on the milling cutter plate splitter 0

Two. Describes the device configuration

On the dust features: milling cutter board machine is also called curve board machine, using electrostatic brush seal cutting point. Independent for single cut point vacuuming. Greatly improve the effect of vacuuming.

Vacuum on the milling cutter plate splitter 1

The PCB taking and placing area of double Y axis table of milling cutter board splitter is equipped with grating safety facilities to avoid manual misoperation and meet the public safety requirements.

Vacuum on the milling cutter plate splitter 2

Windows OPERATION INTERFACE friendly switching between Chinese AND English, ILLUSTRATED Windows operation interface, editing program is simple, can quickly complete multi-point programs.

Vacuum on the milling cutter plate splitter 3

Software users manage permissions at multiple levels to prevent misoperations.

Vacuum on the milling cutter plate splitter 4

Software sets milling cutter segmentation function, automatic cutting compensation, prolong the service life of milling cutter, reduce the cost.

Vacuum on the milling cutter plate splitter 5

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