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1.It can be connected to the assembly line, and the automatic cutting of the board can be realized without manual labor, and the split PCB flows out through the assembly line;
2.It is quick and time-saving to change products,just change the program;
3.Multiple safety control modes: structure foolproof, light curtain control, software control;
4.Microcomputer control, man-machine exchange interface. easy to understand;
5.Data monitoring system: boot time monitoring, capacity monitoring, fault monitoring, etc.

Online V Slot double-sided PCB depaneling machine 0

Universal plate              360 degree                          Universal plate            International standard
taking device               divider console                 collection device and      electrical control system
waste collection system

Online V Slot double-sided PCB depaneling machine 1

Machine specifications
Item Technical parameters
Equipment brand YUSH
Device name Online V slot double-sided PCB depaneling machine
Device model YSV-8A
Operating Voltage AC220V 50/60HZ
Power 1800W
Operating system Touch screen
Interface PLC Human-machine exchange interface
Board area 300*350MM Accept customization
Board thickness 0.5~3.5MM
Exterior Baking paint white
Working pressure 0.4-0.7MP
Board material Fiberboard.aluminum substrate, copper board, cardboard, ETC.
Feeding mode Online transport guide
Receiving mode Belt transmission
Moving speed 1000MM/S Adjustable
Transfer speed 500MM/S Adjustable
Safety devices Safety electric eye device and structure foolproof
Machine weight 600KG
Physical dimension 1300*1450*1650MM

Online V Slot double-sided PCB depaneling machine 2

Description of machine function parameters
1. This device is suitable for PCB board division work after plug-in.
2. With automatic feeding/automatic cutting/automatic receiving plate and other functions, the machine is simple and fast.
3. The setting of various parameters fully ensures the continuity of feeding board and sub-board.
4. The main transmission parts adopt Zhongyan precision stepper motor (Mitsubishi servo motor) and SMC pneumatic components, with high repeat positioning accuracy.
5. The whole machine adopts Mitsubishi PLC+ Velen touch screen control, the operation interface is simple and convenient
6. Working voltage of the equipment: 220 V 50HZ
7. Efficiency: 15s/pcs (150*150mm eight cuts for reference)
8. The working area is protected by safety grating

Automatic Loader Machine

Online V Slot double-sided PCB depaneling machine 3

Connect the feeding module of Automatic Loader Machine and Automatic Depaneling Machine

Online V Slot double-sided PCB depaneling machine 4

Machine split-board action description
1. One machine is equipped with a cutter cutter die module. The PCB board is sent to the predetermined track through the loading mechanism; The manipulator moves over and uses the vacuum nozzle to place the PCB board on the cutter die of the slitter machine.
PCB board is placed after the lower tool die module; Move to the slitter position, the round knife on the machine translation slitter PCB board, after the translation slitter position, the lower cutter die module is moved to the slitter position; Until the transverse plate is finished, the rotary cylinder automatically rotates 90 degrees to cut the vertical plate.
3. After the machine finishes cutting PCB board, the cutter die tool group exits; Take the plate manipulator to move over and cut it
The PCB board and the board waste edge are sucked up at the same time, moved to the waste frame to drop the waste, and then moved to the collection
The product is arranged on the plate plate and sent away by the transport line.
4. There is an industrial vacuum cleaner under the cutting die of the machine to absorb PCB dust. Work in this cycle.
Note: The cut pieces of small PCB board can be automatically placed in the material box (material) according to customer's requirements
Tray, or placed directly on the assembly line) to be carried away by the assembly line.

Online V Slot double-sided PCB depaneling machine 5

Brief description of machine
1. Automatic on-line V-slot splitter can further improve the quality of splitter; V slot X and Y can be automatically slitted, and the slitting of aluminum substrate (300-1500MM), copper substrate, FR4 and fiberglass board is clean and burr free.
2. The splitter can be connected to the assembly line to realize automatic splitter. No manual plate; The cut plate is carried away by the assembly line, which greatly saves manpower and completely realizes the operation of unmanned sub-board.
3. When changing products, the tool die part and the suction cup part can be exchanged directly, without manual adjustment, which greatly saves time.

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