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Control mode: high precision temperature control meter control
1. Easy to operate

2. Each temperature area is controlled by temperature control meter, with high temperature control precision

Model number YSL-200 YSL-300
Type On-line
Heating zone 2 pcs 3 pcs
Quantity of heating 12 sets of infrared tubes 18 sets of infrared tubes
Control mode Omron thermometer
Open cover mode Manual
Maximum height of element Upper and lower 80mm
Maximum overboard width 450mm
Transmission direction L→R(R→L optional)
Broadening range 50-450mm
Track bearing (including fixture) 5.8Kg
Way of fixing guide Before
Conveyor belt height 900±20mm
Temperature distribution deviation ±5℃(It varies from product to product)
Belt speed 700-2000mm/min
Warming time 3min
Power consumption in normal operation 2 KW 3 KW
Total power 8 KW 12 KW
Power supply 5 lines 3 phases 380V
Weight 250KG 350KG
Overall dimension (L*W*H) 2000*1000*1400mm 3000*1000*1400mm
Optional: PLC+ touch screen, with connection signal

Infrared heat and light supply system
1. Light is stable and reliable
2.2 /3 independent heating modules
3. Unique partition flexible heating control system reduces the starting power and reduces the power consumption of the equipment to the greatest extent
4. Efficient heat exchange system, greatly improve the circulation heat flow, rapid temperature rise

5. Heating area modular design, lamp installation structure, so that maintenance, maintenance is very simple

Transportation system
1. Constant speed operation of chain transmission, full closed-loop control
2. High strength guide rail design, small thermal deformation, to ensure accuracy
3. Guide rail width adjustment adopts manual width adjustment, panel control, easy to use

4. New guide rail suspension widening system, more convenient adjustment, ensure that the guide rail deformation

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