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YSL-k870 meets 870*610mm printing process requirements

1.Image and optical system

Using uniform ring light and high brightness coaxial light,with promise brightness adjustment function,then all types of Mark points can be well recognized (Including the rugged Mark points),applicable for tin plating,coppering,gold plating,tin spraying,FPC and other types PCB with of different colors.With YUSH patent mathematical model,able to ensure high accuracy.

2.Cleaning system

YUSH cleaning system equipped with three cleaning methods: dry cleaning, wet cleaning. vacuum.which can be combined to use.It can also be cleaned by manual if customer do not need to use automatic cleaning to reduce the cleaning time and improve production efficiency. The newly wiping system ensures full contact with the stencil, increased vacuum suction can effectively eliminate the remaining paste in the mesh,which can achieve effective automatic cleaning function. CCD part and cleaning system is separated, when CCD working. CCD part independently move to reduce the servo motor load and improve the machine speed and accuracy.

3.Adjustable Stepping Motor-Programmable &Floating Print-Heads

4.Chinese/English Operating Interface

The machine adopts windows XP/win7 operating interface with YUSH user friendly software.Chinese/English selectable,Menu/Operating Journal/Breakdown Record/Breakdown Diagnosis/Error Analysis/Light Alarm etc

5.YUSH special adjustment jacking platform.

Stable and easy to adjust,it can quickly adjust the pin jacking height of PCB with different thickness.

6.2D Solder Paste Print Quality Inspection and Analysis System

The 2D system immediately detects solder paste deposition defects such as deviation, lack paste,miss paste,paste joint etc,and guarantees print quality.

Machine Performance
Repeat Position Accuracy ±0.01mm
Print Accuracy ±0.025mm
NCP-CT (excluding cleaning and printing) <10.5 sec
HCP-CT (including cleaning and printing) 25s/pcs
Process CT 6min
Transversal CT 4min
Substrate processing parameter
Maximum board size 870*610mm
Minimum board size 100*65mm
Board thickness 0.4~8mm
Camera Mechanical range 870*610mm
Maximum board weight 10kg
Board edge clearance 3.5mm
Board height 23mm beyond the special top pin
Transport speed 900+40mm
(Max)Transport speed Segment control,1500mm/s(Max)
Transport direction One stage transport rail
Transmission direction Left to right
Right to Left
In and out the same
Support System Magnetic Pin
(65mm)Support Block
(65mm)Patented over the top clamping
Board clamp Automatic to clamping
Side clamping
Adsorption function
Printing Parameters
Print Speed 10~150mm/sec
Print Pressure 0.5~30Kg
Print Mode Single or double scraper printing
Queegee Type Rubber/Squeegee Blade (angle45/55/60)
Snap-off 0~20mm
Snap-Speed 0~20mm/sec
The template frame size 650*550mm~1100*950mm
Steel mesh positioning mode Automatic Y orientation (compatible with manual compensation adjustment)
Cleaning Parameters
Cleaning System Dry,Wet Vacuum three modes
High speed cleaning weave cleaning
Cleaning system Top drip
Cleaning stroke Automatic generation
Cleaning position Post cleaning
Cleaning Speed 10-200mm/sec
Cleaning fluid consumption Auto&Manually adjustable
Cleaning paper consumption Auto&Manually adjustable
Vision Parameters
CCD FOV 10*8mm
Camera type 130 Thousand CCD Digital camera
Camera System Lock up/down optics structure
Camera Cycle time 200 ms
Fiducial mark types Standard Fiducial Mark Shape
Pad and profile
Mark size 0.1-6mm
Mark number Max: 4pCs
Stay away number Max: 1pcs
Machine parameter
Power Source AC:220±10%,50/60Hz 3KW
Air Pressure 4~6Kgf/cm2
Air Consumption About 5L/min
Operating Temperature -20℃~+45℃
Working environment humidity 30%~60%
Machine dimension(without Tower light) 1530(H)mm
Machine Length 1590(L) mm
Machine Width 1608(W)mm
Machine Weight Approx Approx:1500Kg
Equipment load bearing requirements 650Kg/㎡

The information contained in this manual contains general descriptions and performance characteristics that may be inconsistent with the product described.or may change with the development of technology.Specific performance characteristics and functions are binding only when an agreement is reached.

Dimensional appearance

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