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Equipment name: FMS (Flexible Manufacturing Systems)


Equipment model: YSL-GA1000


 Product overview:

n The automatic flexible manufacturing platform achieves rapid switching of various production processes (assembly, labeling and code scanning, dispensing, screwing, special-shaped plug-in, soldering, laser marking and AVI) through modularization; different size platforms can be customized according to customers’ products


n Rack modules can be compatible with XY modules and manipulators in several brands (such as ABB, FANUC, Yaskawa, Epson, etc.)


n The overall modular design is used to achieve rapid installation, rapid maintenance and replacement. The bus PCB signal interface is reserved on the platform, which can meet the layout requirements for changing the wiring of various function heads.


Product characteristics

High availability: applicable to automotive electronics, new energy, 3C electronics, medical products and other manufacturing applications


High accuracy: Repeated positioning accuracy at ±0.02mm, and product manufacturing accuracy at ±0.035mm


High compatibility: Customers are enabled to upgrade their products without changing their equipment, which helps greatly reduce the cost of equipment


High stability: By CAE simulation analysis, the 6th order natural frequency of the rack can ensure good stability and durability


High ductility: reserved MES and data acquisition ports to achieve intelligent manufacturing and intelligent decision-making for the Internet of Everything (IOE) and i4.0 data docking.


Technical information

Equipment size: 1000*1300*1800mm


Equipment weight: 800Kg


Product manufacturing size: 50*50~350*460mm


Maximum radius of manipulator: 700mm


Product manufacturing weight: maximum load of the track at 12kg, and the maximum load of the function head at 7kg


Input voltage: AC220V 50/60Hz


Input air pressure: 0.4~0.7Mpa


Maximum rated power: 2.5KW


Operating ambient temperature: 0~45℃


Equipment manufacturing accuracy: ±0.05mm


Pixel accuracy: 0.005mm/pixel


Barcode recognition capability: Level C or above


Motion control system: panel card control

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