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03-3.5 Aluminum LED PCB Depaneling Tool

03-3.5 Aluminum LED PCB Depaneling Tool Product Description:

Unlimit pcb depaneler supplier in China
1.Cutting any length
2.Easy blade adjusting
3.Protecting PCB board
4.Safety protecting hand



Specification for pcb separation:


Model YSVC-3
PCB Cutting Length (mm) unlimited
Cutting Thickness (mm) 0.3~3.5
Pcb separator Machine Weight (Kg) 185
pcb separator machine Size (mm) 780*500*620
working area (mm) 330*220
Power Supply (V) 110/220
Blade Working life for metal (Year/Cutting times) 1~2/0.8~1.55 million
Blade Working life for PCB (Year/Cutting times) 2.5~3/2.5 million
Blade Hardness (HRC) 60~63
Blade Hardness (HB) 540~567
Guarantee (Year) 1
Delivery (Day) 1
Min. Order (Set) 1
Ability (Set) 1000




Detailed Product Description:

1. For electronics, cell phones, computers, PCB, FPC (flexible printed
circuit board),LED.

2. Mold make of SKH-11 Steel, Blade is SKH-9(From Japan), rigorous Job!!!! Dedicated

to high strength cutting, and excellent toughness, able to cut metal board !!!!!!



Technical characteristics :

1. Structural precision, the load evenly, to eliminate internal stress

2. Safe, easy to operate

3. For electronics, cell phones, computers, PCB, FPC (flexible printed
circuit board)



Pcb separator Features:


1.Cut any length metal board more safety and easily.

2.Separates long boards directly, without turn direction .

3.Separates boards up to 2.0mm thick Metal Board

4.Shears boards safely with parts as close as 1 mm to the
score line, including ceramic capacitors

5.Operator foolproof! Panels cannot be inserted into the
knives except on the score line

6.Handles high components up to50mm

7.Bow waves that can occur with round knives are avoided

8.Easy adjusting of distance between knives


Pneumatic PCB Cutting Machine / Pcb Cutter Machine With High Speed Steel Blades

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