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Aluminum substrate PCB Separator Machine manufacturer

Specification :



Maximum length of the board: 300mm / 400mm
Package Size: 720mm(L)*300mm(W)*440(H)
Thickness: 0.50~3.5mm
Power supply: 220VAC / 110V
Working air pressure: 0.4——0.6Mpa
Weight: 189 kg
Scope of application: All V-CUT SMD PCB board


1. The rate of segmentation is 1 separation per second, and is controled by the pedal pneumatic switch .
2. Cutting knife group as a passive start, can be safely grasp cutting line and its position; cutting stress is small, and not easy to form the cracking phenomena.
3. Non roller (roller cutter, samtech cutting) cutting, no dust, no motor drive, no carbon pollution.
4. Non friction type cutting , no residual metal.
5. Blade using warranty 200000/ no power supply, so there is no loss of electrical products, and no replacement.
6. Cutting tool designs by the own company , does not need to import and with high effective .
7. By using of 4-5KG air compressor, it can be used unneccessary a specific cutting site; And the appearance of the machine maintains by wiping oil avoiding rusting.





Model: YSVC-2L
The Longest Minimize 330mm
Size: 620mm x 230mm x 400mm
Minimize thickness: 0.3-3.5mm
Machine Weight: 165kg




Competitive Advantage:


1. YSVC-2 Pcb depanelizer original manufacturers, price concessions

2. Day technical support services

3. Limit the handling of complaints, half an hour back to customers

4. Depanel Experts, the provision of professional PCB sub-programme


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