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Electronic Cabinets ,Auto Humidity Proof Ultra Low Humidity Cabinets

Model spec: YS-320F

Description: auto dry cabinet of 320 litre storage capacity for 20-60%RH humidity control, with heating system for up to 40C baking.
Cubage: 320L
Shelf Quantity: 3
Outside dimensions:W900*D450*H1010mm
Inside dimensions:W898*D422*H848mm

1. Double-layer walls and six windows, for heat resistance.
2. LED display panels, Honeywell humidity sensor with error of ±3%RH;
3. High grade 1mm and 1.2mm cold rolled plate, reinforced structure design,high intensity bearing, every shelf can bear over 80kg;
4. With heating system for up to 40C to work for low temp. Baking, as per J-STD-033B.
5. 3.2mm tampered glass.
6. Zinc alloy lock with air tightness;
7. ROHS certified surface painting with Dupont powder;
8. Power supply: AC power 85V~265V 50/60Hz;
9. High intensity truckle with brake;
10. ESD safe surface and moving truckles;
11. Dark green surface for cool looking.
Package size: W99*D54*H120CM
Gross weight: 77KG

Net  weight: 54KG

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