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Product description:

The YSV-5A automatic pcb depaneling machine is an automatic splitting machine with horizontal and vertical bidirectional sub-plates, which solves the problem that the PCB board needs secondary separated. Horizontal and vertical splitting for products such as bi-directional V-cut PCB boards, downlight boards, and LED aluminum plate.
Complete two-way cutting on one device at the same time, save time and effort, smooth cutting surface without burrs. At present, the sub-board machine on the market can only be divided into one-way boards, and there is no problem that can solve the problem that the bi-directional V-slot line PCB board is difficult. The YSV-5A automatic splitter perfectly interprets the two-way splitter without the need for manual secondary splitting.

Automatic board machine operation process

PCB Loader& un loader feeding or manual feeding boards.

Product inflow and positioning .

The machine starts to split longitudinally

The product flows into the intermediate turnover structure.

The machine starts to split horizontally.

The finished product flows into the conveyor belt .

Product introduction

1. YSV-5A automatic double-direction splitting machine is a machine with two-way horizontal and vertical splitting plates. It solves the problem that the well-shaped V-groove PCB board needs to be divided into two sub-boards, and the operation is slow.
2. High degree of automation, before and after docking other equipment, truly unmanned, saving labor.
3. Touch-screen operation can quickly replace PCB products of different sizes. The back-end sub-boards are modularized. It takes only 10 minutes to replace the products, and the PLC data storage can reach 100 groups.
4. The device can be set as a single-direction sub-board, and the horizontal and vertical sub-boards can be completed in the touch screen of the device, and one machine is multi-purpose and more intelligent.
5. Vacuum cleaner (optional) ;

The main structure of the machine inside the photo:

1. The machine can be fully automatic two-way board.
2. The machine can also be divided horizontally or vertically.
3. The machine can achieve rapid replacement of the product, fast modular conversion.
4. It can dock the upper and lower board machines to realize fully automated production and save labor.
5. Simple operation, training can be used to master.
6. Unique new tool design, durability increased by 1.5 times.

The blades tool introduction

Blade material: imported high speed steel
Round knife ∮80 ∮60 straight knife 356*43.5*6mm

Technical Parameters:

Automatic double direction pcb depaneling machine
Dimensions L/W/H
Blades size
Round blades∮80 ∮60        Straight knife 356×43.5×6
Blade material
Imported high quality high speed steel
Blades brand
Board width
Single boards 12mm(Whole board300mm)
Drive system motor
Stepper motor / servo (optional)
Cutting speed
Cutting boards types
Two-way V-CUT well type products, single direction V-CUT products
One-third thickness
Working pressure
Operating Voltage
220V/110V Optional
Equipment power
300Kw(Not including Vacuum cleaner )
Machine weight
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