PCB laser splitter
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Product specifications:

1.  Size(L*W*H)      1480mm*1360mm*1412mm
2.  Weight        1600 KG
3.  Power      AC220V / 3KW
4.  Laser source   All solid-state UV lasers with a wavelength of 355 nm
5.  Laser power   10W light (US original import)
6.  Material thickness   ≤1.0 mm
7.  Machine precision   ±20 μm
8.  Platform positioning   accuracy   ±2 μm
9.  Platform repeatability   ±2 μm
10. Cut the format     440mm*380 mm
11. Focus spot diameter     20±5μm
12. Ambient temperature /   humidity 20±2 ℃/<60 %
Machine body  marble
13.  Galvanometer system  CTI US original import
14. exercise system Full Closed Loop AC Linear Motor System
15. Motion control system  PMAC(USA Delta Tau)
16. Necessary hardware and software  Includes PC and CAM software

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