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Working size Working Area 350 X300 mm ( Customizable large size)    PCB Thickness 0.3~3.5mm

Hardware brand Waste collection methods Dust collection box
Dust collection method Upper
Dust collection box parameters Power suction 2HP
Sensor Switch Brand Panasonic Japan
Servo motor brand Panasonic Japan
Electrostatic ion wind gun brand Taiwan TENWNY
Guideway Brand Taiwan PMI
Screw brand Taiwan TBI grinding grade
CCD camera brand Taiwan Minton
Spindle Brand Japan NAKANISHI
Computer host brand Asus brand host
Machine weight 740KG

Electric Power supply AC220/380V50/60HZ three-phase
Compressed air 0.4-0.6 MPA (with filter)

Operation control Operating System Chinese/English Optional
Software control method PC control
Programming methods Computer programming, AOI scanning and editing programs faster and more accurate
Warning light Three-color sound and light alarm (normal work, waiting for test, fault alarm)
With fault alarm: air pressure instability, blocking, collision

Safe production Produce order pattern production, four-level password protection (automatic, manual, sensor protection, etc.)

Basic specifications:

01.   X, Y cutting speed: 0 ~100mm/s
02.   Machine Repeat Accuracy: ± 0.01mm
03.   X, Y, Z Control Methods: Industrial IPC and PC
04.   X, Y, Z Drive Mode: AC Servo Motor
05.   Machine Operation and Data Storage: PC System
06.   Cutting accuracy: ± 0.05mm
07.   Spindle speed: Max 60000rpm
08.   Host voltage: 220V 1ψ 50 / 60HZ
09.   Air pressure supply: above 4.5kg/cm2
10.   Power Consumption: 1.5KVA
11.   Dust Collection: Dust Collection (Standard) or Dust Collection
12.   Dust collector voltage: 220V (380V) 3ψ
13.   Upper dust collector size: L650*W400*H1350mm
14.   Dust collector size: L665*W635*

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