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Product parameters:

Place of Origin: Suzhou              Brand: Yu Shunli               Product model: YS-1015

Product Details
Product size (L*W*H): 540*540*980mm                 Capacity: 15L

Power: 1000W                                       Voltage: 220VAT/50HZ
Bucket diameter: 345mm                                 Air flow: 53m3/H
Vacuum suction: 230 mbar                       Power cord length: 8m
Weight: 15kg

【product description】

The Yushunli YS-1015 wet and dry industrial vacuum cleaner is made of round stainless steel, which is durable and equipped with a powerful silent motor (AMETEK professional motor). The suction is large, the effect is strong, the structure is firm, the metal frame is durable, and the barrel can be turned over to dump garbage or sewage. The standard high-efficiency filter contains dust compartment to achieve double-layer filtration, and the filtration precision of 0.3 micron particles reaches 99.99%. It is suitable for vacuuming on the factory floor and work surface, vacuuming and absorbing water, wet and dry; cleaning chip oil and water The ideal model for fine dust such as metal dust and plastic dust.

【Standard accessories】

Yushunli YS-1015 wet and dry industrial vacuum cleaner is equipped with vacuum cleaner, squeegee, round brush, flat nozzle, S-shaped steel pipe, hose, long joint, short joint

【Use Cases】

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