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Product Details
Product advantages:

  1. Imported CO2 laser, fiber laser, green laser, and stable performance of UV laser

  2, the use of imported high-speed galvanometer, high processing accuracy, marking speed, stable performance

  3, the software interface is user-friendly, the operation is simple and easy to learn, and the editing function is powerful.

  4, can automatically obtain the work order number, product batch number, material code, product name specifications and other information and automatically code

  5, can automatically read the QR code and save the data, automatically record and alarm when it can not be read

  6, compared to the ordinary printing method, no consumables, environmental protection, no pollution, maintenance-free

Laser coding machine laser marking machine


Project                                  technical parameter

Laser type                                                      UV laser, green laser, fiber laser, CO2 laser

Marking range                                               70mm×70mm----200mm×200mm (depending on laser type, lens type)

Marking speed                                              Up to 6000mm/s (actual processing efficiency depends on laser type and laser power)

Marking accuracy                                          ±0.08mm (with special requirements ±0.03mm)

PCB size                                                        L510mm×W460mm; thickness 0.5mm-6mm (can be adjusted for special needs)

PCB upper surface height                               <25mm (can be adjusted for special needs)
PCB lower surface height                                <25mm (can be adjusted for special needs)

Applicable Products                                      PCB hard white ink, green ink, blue ink and other inks; copper, aluminum and so on.
GPS                                                             CCD+MARK positioning

Way of working                                            Laser XY Mobile

One-dimensional code type                           Code 39, Code 25, Code 93, Code 128, EAN-13, EAN-8, ISBN, etc.

QR code type                                                Datamatrix, QR Code, micro QR Code, PDF417, Code 49, Code 16K, etc.

QR code size                                                1.5mm × 1.5mm ~ 10mm × 10mm (the minimum processable QR code size depends on the laser type)

Character type                                              Support TrueType JSF, SHX, DMF fonts

Minimum character height                              0.1mm ~ 0.4mm (depending on laser type)

Support file format                                         DXF, PLT, Excel, TXT

GPS                                                              Support automatic photo taking, support 2, 3, 4 point positioning

Reading function                                            Automatically read the QR code and save the data, automatically record and alarm when it cannot be read

System access                                               Can be customized and interconnected with ERP/MES/SAP system, automatically obtain work order number, product batch number, 

                                                                    material code, product name specification and other information and automatically code

Conveyor belt width                                        Automatic adjustment with the board

Conveyor speed                                              0~100000mm/min can be set

Flap function                                                   Optional

Power Specifications                                       220V/50Hz, total power ≈ 2500W

Air pressure                                                   0.5~0.6MPA

size                                                              1050(W)*1450(L)*1500(H) mm

weight                                                         750KG

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