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Product Details
  • Machine model: YSVC-3S
  • Maximum board length: Unrestricted
  • Sub-plate speed: 0-40mm/s
  • Sub-board thickness: 1.0-3.5mm
  • Use air pressure: 220V
  • Machine weight: 45KG

1. Simple operation, fast speed, emergency stop protection, positive and negative function, easy to use and safe

2. Round knife slip speed can be adjusted

3. Minimize the internal stress generated when cutting the board to avoid tin cracking

4. Round knife can be used repeatedly for grinding

5. All PCB boards with V-cut can be applied to this machine.

6. The upper and lower sets of three round knives can be precisely adjusted. Each set of blades can cut 30% of the depth of the V-groove, and the last set of knives cuts the depth of the V-groove by 40%, so that the aluminum substrate of various LED strips is not deformed.

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