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Depaneling machine full pneumatic control environmental safety

YUSH Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd Production of disposable Depaneling machine Depaneling  machineYSVC-2, for the guillotine-type depaneling machine the fifth generation of products, the introduction of advanced German technology, internal institutions are precision machining, depaneling accuracy of 0.005mm, reaching the international advanced level, specifically for linear V-slot PCB multi-board design, depaneling not flash, than pcb router Depaneling machine efficiency of more than 200%, the economic cost is much lower than the pcb router, depressed aluminum plate without flash, no residue.The same time as the above

1, all pneumatic control, environmental safety
2, the trip is small, easy to damage the product and operational safety
3, tailoring work, for a variety of thickness PCB
4, the depaneling generated when the internal stress to a minimum and avoid the tin crack, can completely solve the general depressed machine and depressions occur when the depressed. Better to ensure product quality.
5, up and down knife distance can be adjusted accurately, to avoid the depth of the groove due to the difference between the situation of the tool loss
6, can be depineding V groove edge of the highest parts for 70mm
7, depaneling V-slot aluminum plate and PCB sheet effect is very good.
8, depaneling length is not restricted.
Depaneling machine technical parameters:
Maximum depaneling machine length 270mm 330mm
The size (length × width × height) 620 × 230 × 400 MM
Thickness 0.3-3.5mm
Machine weight 150 kg
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