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FPC board machine introduction

1. High degree of automation, simple and safe operation
2, can replace a variety of molds, and easy to change the mold
3, the lower mold automatically enters and exits, pick and place products are convenient, the finished product can fall into the drawer
4. Minimize internal stress generated during cutting and avoid tin cracking
5, punching semi-finished PCB, FPC is extremely efficient
6. The number of punching plates can be set through the touch screen, and the number of times the device is divided can be exported.
7, with safety grating and safety door double protection, the operator is safer to operate.
8, the company has hydraulic press, pressurized pneumatic punch, mechanical pneumatic punching three FPC and PCB die cutting machine, according to different customer products need to choose different styles of punch, welcome new and old customers to visit the factory to buy.

FPC board machine
FPC sub-board machine, punching machine, compact and sturdy, pneumatic cylinder output, environmental pollution-free, large output, and simple operation. With the latest gas-electric lightweight design, a variety of die cutters can be used. Effectively cut various FR4 rigid boards and flexible printed circuit boards. It is suitable for batch die cutting of mobile phones, digital cameras, computers, automobiles, etc., and can maximize the effect when cutting multiple boards. The crankshaft device in the cylinder drive mode is pressurized.

Cutting principle

In the work, the lower mold adopts automatic push-pull, which reduces the labor intensity and improves the safety. At the same time, it is very convenient to pick and place the finished product. Applied to the electronics industry such as mobile phone boards, memory cards, mobile phone soft lines and other divisions. The efficiency is particularly significant for the segmentation of high-volume trench-type PCB substrates and flexible circuit boards (FPC). Equipped with safety sensing equipment. With mold, easy to change mold

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