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Automatic soldering machine introduction


1 Loose iron head should choose the appropriate temperature 2 If it is not used, the power should be turned off. 3 The soldering iron tip should be replaced in time.

  First, product overview         

1. Flexible and diverse soldering method, with spot welding, drag welding (pull welding) and other functions.

2. The mechanical arm of the equipment is die-casting of aluminum profiles, which is not deformed, rusted and stable.

3, device writing work program can be point-to-point, block-to-block copy, shorten the programming time.

4, the device has an automatic cleaning function, to a certain extent stabilize the quality of solder processing and extend the service life of the soldering iron tip.

5. Multi-axis linkage manipulators all adopt precision stepping motor drive and advanced motion control algorithms to effectively improve motion positioning accuracy and repeatability.

6. The welding module of the equipment has an automatic buffering function to avoid damage to the welded product during commissioning and operation of the equipment.

7. The device has a position calibration function. When the overall deviation occurs, take a mark point [optional] on the welding platform and read the deviation data to perform quick calibration.

8, the temperature controller can be adjusted to a temperature range of 5-500 degrees Celsius, accurate to ± 5 degrees Celsius, constant temperature control, rapid temperature compensation.

9. The tin feeding machine has the function of breaking tin, which can effectively prevent the situation of tin slag splashing in the production process, and greatly improve the quality and concept of the product.

Second, the product automatic soldering machine introduction

1, using 480 X 272 pixels, 16 million color true color 5 inch LCD display handheld programmer, strong visibility, so that the operation menu interface and boot screen content is more abundant.

2, and U disk program copy function, online / offline programming

3, gantry desktop architecture, stable and reliable

4, specialized tin control software to ensure good soldering effect

5, China's first 400W high-power high-frequency heating core, more rapid temperature recovery, welding quality is more stable

6, professional stepper motor driven tin feeder to make the precision of sending tin higher

7, the memory capacity is large, and the digital display, can store 999 sets of different welding procedures, and the programs between different machines can copy each other.

8. The solder parameter setting is set by programming point, which can realize different solder parameter setting in different areas during the same solder processing.
Method / step

When using the tip for the first time, be sure to adjust the temperature of the soldering iron to 220 degrees, and let the tin on the soldering iron tip fully eat tin. It is best to soak it in the tin for 5 minutes, then wipe it on the cleaning sponge. The temperature of the soldering iron is adjusted to 300 degrees, the above procedure is repeated, and finally the temperature of the soldering iron is adjusted to the required operating temperature for use. The purpose is to form a comprehensive protective film on the tin layer of the soldering iron tip to prevent it from being oxidized at high temperatures, resulting in failure of heat transfer.

Regularly clean the tip. If the tin-plated part of the automatic soldering iron tip contains black oxide, apply a new tin layer and wipe the tip with a moist cleaning sponge. Repeat the cleaning in this way until the oxide is completely removed, and then apply a new tin layer. Regularly clean the tip.

After use, remember to turn off the power and wipe the soldering iron on the cleaning sponge, then apply a new layer of tin. Before using it again, wipe the soldering iron on the cleaning sponge and then apply a new layer of tin.

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