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Precision Dispenser Description

Advantages of Yushunli's dispensing robot
1. Replace the manual specific dispensing operation to realize the production of mechanical automation;
2, Chinese keyboard operation, easy to learn and understand, no need for external teacher, more convenient than similar product debugging, simple and convenient, high speed
3. It has the functions of drawing points, lines, faces, arcs, continuous tween of irregular curves and three-axis linkage;
4, three-dimensional space linear interpolation, three-dimensional space circular interpolation (true hardware three-dimensional space arc, not line segment fitting).
5, the software has a regional array, translation rotation operation and other functions, program files can be uploaded / downloaded through the U disk, convenient data management and
6. The dispensing parameter setting is set by programming point, which can realize different points in different areas during the same dispensing process.
Glue parameter settings.
7, the amount of glue size, coating speed, dispensing time, stop time can be parameterized, the amount of glue is stable, no leakage;
8, according to the needs of the process, can be installed with a table positioning PIN, glue gun or floor heating temperature control device
9. It can realize the automation of dispensing of products, and solve the problem of difficult recruitment and labor shortage faced by the company;
And solve the problem of long employee training period.
10, the product line is comprehensive, can provide desktop automatic dispensing machine, floor-standing dispensing machine, online dispensing machine, two-component irrigation
Glue machine, selective coating equipment, CCD automatic positioning dispenser, and other specifications of the dispensing and filling system; and the desktop is divided into
200mm stroke range dispenser, 300 stroke range dispenser, 400mm stroke range dispenser, 500mm stroke range
Gluing machine and duplex glue dispenser, UV dispensing curing machine and other products
11. Corner processing can set the priority of the speed and path matching degree to achieve a smooth transition of the turn.
12, DXF file conversion function, can export the PCM file into the DXF file into a dispensing file.
13. The machine has a small keyboard with a pair of needles. When there is no handheld programmer, it is also convenient to correct the error caused by changing the needle.
14, the handheld programmer uses 480 X 272 pixels, 16 million color true color 5 inch LCD screen, so that the operation menu interface content is more
Plus rich.
15, rich storage space, motherboard 256MB, can store 1000 dispensing files, 4000 programming points per file; handheld editing

The program is 16MB, which is especially useful for storing dispensed files and copying glue files between multiple machines.

Model features:

♦ 480 X 272 pixels, 16 million color true color 5 inch LCD display handheld programmer, strong visibility, let the operation menu interface and boot
The content of the picture is more abundant. And U disk program copy function, online / offline programming
♦ Gantry desktop structure, stable and reliable
♦ Specialized dispensing control software to ensure the best dispensing effect
♦ The memory capacity is large, and the digital display can store 1000 different sets of different dispensing programs from 0 to 999, and the programs between different machines can be copied to each other.

♦ Dispensing parameter setting is set by programming point, which can realize different dispensing parameter setting in different areas during the same dispensing process.

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