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How to use the automatic knife dividing machine

Regarding the operation of the automatic knife-type splitting machine, many people who have not used it will feel at a loss. In fact, as long as they have actually used the operation, they will find that the operation of the automatic knife-type splitting machine can be simple. The machine manufacturer generally provides operational training, until the operator can smoothly operate the knife-type automatic splitter below to briefly introduce the operation steps of the automatic knife-type splitter.

1. Before the board is divided, check whether the automatic knife-type machine is normal. The operator can operate it by mistake. The first choice is that the supplier of the automatic knife-based machine will be debugged before you can use it. Just check it and you can use it.

2. Place the PCB board that needs to be divided, clearly distinguish the direction and front and back of the board, and position the board well, determine the position of the split, and press gently to confirm whether it is in place.

3. Observe whether the position of each cutting is correct. After the inspection is correct, press the foot-type automatic splitter switch to start the processing. At this time, pay attention to the safety of the hand.

4. After the machining of the knife-type automatic dividing machine is completed, pay attention to cut off the power supply.

Product Details
Automatic walking knife-YSV-3A
Product introduction:
1. YSV-3A--PCB automatic knife-type splitting machine, micro-computer controlled automatic board, high efficiency and both of the advantages of the knife-type splitter: stress small-cut split to avoid circuit board damage , tin cracking and other issues, a wide range of applicability, suitable for double-sided circuit boards with components.
2. It adopts PLC and touch screen man-machine interface control system, automatic fault stop display, intelligent parameter positioning system, which can accurately realize the alignment of each step of the PCB equidistant or unequal distance v-cut slot, set a little dynamic function, jog The function can be manually jogged to confirm the v-cut tool accuracy and thus ensure the best quality product.
This machine is equipped with memory storage function (can store 100 sets of data). This function is convenient for operation (as long as it is stored product data). It can be directly downloaded and used without setting, and can be quickly changed to realize splitting of multiple types of machines. .
The machine also has an operation technician interface and an engineering technician interface. The operator can use the interface to download the relative production product data, but the data cannot be changed. The engineering technician interface is password input. After the password is entered, the engineering technician can Data change downloads, etc.

High positioning accuracy.
2. The cutting plate stress is small.
3. Infrared light curtain induction, high security performance.
4. Automatic board feeding and cutting board are more efficient.
5. It can be docked to the upper and lower board machine, which saves labor.

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