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Curve board machine

The curve dividing machine, also called the milling machine, is different from the traditional aluminum plate dividing machine. It uses a high-speed rotating spindle to drive the milling cutter to pre-edit the multi-piece PCB board. A good path to split the device. The milling cutter splitter also has an offline splitter online splitter and a single workbench splitter and a double workbench splitter.

1. Operation method

Optional single step or automatic machining.
2. Teaching programming
The processing file is generated by means of teaching points, and single-step debugging is possible.
3. Program editing
Editing and teaching input trajectory parameters, the operation is simple and convenient.
4. Process preservation
Multiple sets of processes can be saved indefinitely with a simple selection.
5. Custom interface
Multiple I/O ports can be programmed at will.
6. Friendly interface
Chinese Simplified Windows interface, with a standard Windows interface, the interface is simple and simple, easy to learn and use.
7. parameter settings
Speed, acceleration, and input and output ports can be flexibly controlled during the process.
8. Tool head setting
Infeed, retract, open, close, and delay can be set at any point.
9. Track definition
The trajectory is repeated, so that a single track can be repeatedly processed at different offsets.
10. Space track

Freedom space trajectory motion (space straight line, arc; hardware interpolation, can achieve fast linear, circular interpolation and various complex trajectory movements.

11. Operational humanization
Pre-display path pattern, dynamic tracking display processing process, manual intervention process (pause, continuation, return to work zero, emergency stop, etc.)
12. Simple operation
In the design, the simplification of the use is fully considered, and the number of buttons is minimized without mitigating the effect, the operation process is simplified, the worker training is simple, and the training time and training cost are saved.
13. CAD import
CAD graphic recognition: It can recognize CAD graphics and automatically generate motion trajectory. It can meet the processing of any flat product with the original point teaching, eliminating the tedious work of teaching point by point.
14. Easy adjustment
It can adapt to the requirements of workpieces with different heights within a certain range, and can ensure that the movement track cannot be re-corrected when the cutter head is replaced.
15 Visual correction Mark point recognition, path automatic correction.
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