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What is the most popular reason for the sickle splitter


1. For the board equipment developed by COB light source board, the microcomputer is used to control the automatic feeding board.
2. Conveniently cut various COB substrates, bulb LED aluminum substrates, cob ceramic plates, etc.
3, the efficiency is 5-6 times faster than the traditional board machine
4. When the cutting is performed, the micro stress of the components is about 200, to avoid tin cracking and prevent damage of precision parts.
5, gas hybrid design, double straight knife slitting, especially suitable for dividing precision PCB board
6, boring work, suitable for a variety of thickness MCPCB, cutting board stroke below 2mm
7, anti-dwelling structure design, no operational safety concerns

hay cutter
Sub-board machine

hay cutter-The type splitter and the pneumatic splitter are the characteristics of the operation interface design of the PCB splitter. It adopts more interface design that conforms to our operating habits, so that the corresponding technical operations can better match the actual production activities, thus greatly reducing the investment in manpower and material resources, and also to a large extent Promote the level of specialization in production. The characteristics of the PCB board setting tool setting. The debugging of the components of the general production operation equipment has certain technical proficiency requirements for the relevant debugging level of the operator, but the equipment such as the PCB sub-board is improved by the design so that it is relevant in the adjustment of the knife. The skill level of the technicians has been greatly reduced, which not only reduces the work intensity of the adjustment master, but also the use of many novices.

Main performance

Nowadays, there are not many types of sub-boards on the market, but in many sub-board machines, the use of boring-type slats is quite wide. For example, use a boring machine to cut a sheet; for example, use a boring machine to cut a precision SMD, and so on. So why is the use of the boring machine can be so wide? I think this has a lot to do with the performance of the boring machine. Below I will specifically understand the main performance of the boring machine.
First of all, the cutting rate of the file-type splitter is very fast. As far as I know, it has reached the speed of one second and one split. The cutting speed of the boring machine is so fast because the boring machine is controlled by a foot pedal start switch.
Secondly, the cutting blade type cutting machine has high cutting accuracy. Since the boring tool type dividing machine adopts the passive starting mode, it can be very precise in grasping the position of the cutting line. And the use of the boring machine to cut the crack generally does not appear.
Finally, the sickle-type splitter is environmentally friendly. The general splitting machine adopts the friction cutting method for the splitting operation, but the boring type splitting machine does not use this cutting method, so the metal residue in the dividing plate is well avoided, thereby being more environmentally friendly.

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