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What are the advantages of PCB laser splitter

The price of PCB laser cutting and dividing machine is mainly reflected in laser light source, linear motor, galvanometer, software system, etc. These core devices directly stand at more than 90% of the equipment cost, and some auxiliary devices are also essential, such as Laser cooling system, processing dust and dust purification, stable platform, etc. Suzhou Yushunli Electronics Co., Ltd. is a sub-board machine manufacturer integrating the development and production of sub-board machine and PCB sub-board machine. It provides PCB sub-board machine, automatic sub-board machine, online sub-board machine, offline PCBA sub-board machine wholesale. Excellent board machine manufacturer!

PCB cutting and sub-boarding methods are various. Whether it is manual sub-board, knife sub-board or punch processing, it will cause certain damage or deformation to the circuit board itself. The edge burr is serious and there is dust, especially in the welding. The drawbacks of the traditional processing mode on the PCB board of the component are exposed. The appearance of PCB laser cutting machine and PCB laser dividing machine has brought the gospel to the industry, non-contact processing, good processing effect, no burr on the edge, no damage, no deformation.

The components of the board are laser, galvanometer/focusing mirror, linear motor, control system, industrial control system, dust suction system, cooling system, marble stabilization platform and cabinet.


The lasers selected according to the materials of the PCB substrate are different. For details, refer to "". The laser is the core, and the stability of the laser directly determines the processing effect and efficiency, and guarantees the product quality. Therefore, we usually use imported lasers, such as IPG, SP, AOW, PI, etc. The features are not only stable but also expensive. Laser costs account for one-third of the cost of the entire device, and even more light sources. The laser is the most expensive core component of the PCB laser cutting and dividing machine.

Cutting head (galvanometer / focusing mirror)

Depending on the material to be cut, the choice of processing head is different. For example, the cutting aluminum substrate PCB uses Prest's focusing mirror, and the cutting epoxy material PCB uses galvanometer. The main imported brands are CTI, SCANLAB, RAYLASE and so on. The processing head is also the core device, and it is an effective guarantee for high-speed efficiency and precision. Almost all imported devices are used on the market, and the price is naturally not cheap.

Linear Motor

Linear motor is an effective guarantee for the processing of the laser cutting machine inside the PCB. The larger the processing width, the larger the linear motor is used, and the natural price is more expensive. Since the single scan range of the galvanometer is relatively small, the splicing of the linear motor is used. The accuracy of the linear motor directly affects the accuracy of the splicing. If you want to ensure the accuracy within 3 microns, you can only use imported motors, such as Taiwan. On the silver and so on. Although the domestic linear motor has also appeared many flaws, it can be considered in the case of low precision requirements, but overall it is always unsatisfactory. The price of linear motors is second only to the price of lasers and is an important component.

Software control system

A device is not easy to use, in addition to the stability of the hardware, the software control system is the most intuitive embodiment. The software function is to achieve compatibility of all functions, and can be foolproof operation, can control, edit, and be compatible with various hardware interfaces. The desired process parameters can be directly operated on the software, which is his core, if one Software control is often stuck, and incompatibility not only affects the performance of the device, but also affects normal industrial production. Therefore, a high-quality control system is an important core product after years of accumulated equipment experience and software developed by the customer.

Other devices

Any device of the PCB laser cutting and dividing machine is indispensable, just like the principle of the wooden barrel. No board can be filled with water, so the industrial computer, dust collector, cooling machine, cabinet, stable platform They are also indispensable. Compared with the above core devices, these devices can also be replaced by domestic devices, so the price is relatively cheap.

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