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Electronic chip moisture proof cabinet knowledge

Moisture proof

Most electronic products require operation and storage in dry conditions. According to statistics, more than a quarter of industrial manufacturing defective products are related to moisture hazards every year. For the electronics industry, the hazard of moisture has become one of the main factors in product quality control.
(1) Integrated circuit: The damage of moisture to the semiconductor industry is mainly manifested in moisture that penetrates and adheres to the inside of the IC. Water vapor is formed in the heating process of the SMT process, and the generated pressure causes the IC resin package to crack and the metal inside the IC device. Oxidation causes product failure. In addition, when the device is soldered during the PCB board, the solder joint pressure will also cause the solder joint.
(2) Liquid crystal device: The glass substrate, polarizer and filter lens of liquid crystal device such as liquid crystal display should be cleaned and dried in the production process, but it will still be affected by moisture after cooling, reducing the yield of the product. . Therefore, it should be stored in a dry environment after washing and drying.
(3) Other electronic devices: capacitors, ceramic devices, connectors, switch parts, solder, PCB, crystal, silicon wafer, quartz oscillator, SMT adhesive, electrode material adhesive, electronic paste, high-brightness device, etc. Will be exposed to moisture.

(4) Electronic components during operation: semi-finished products in the package to the next process; before and after the PCB package and between the power supply; IC, BGA, PCB, etc. after unpacking but not used up; waiting for the tin furnace Soldering devices; devices that have been baked to be warmed up; products that have not been packaged are subject to moisture.
(5) The finished electronic machine will also be exposed to moisture during storage. If the storage time is too long in a high-humidity environment, it will cause a malfunction, and the CPU of the computer board will oxidize the gold finger and cause a malfunction.
The production environment of electronic industry products and the storage environment of products should be below 40%. Some varieties also require lower humidity. The storage of many moisture sensitive materials has always been a headache for all walks of life. Electronic components and circuit boards are prone to false soldering after wave soldering, resulting in an increase in the proportion of defective products. Although it can be improved after baking and dehumidification, the performance of the gas parts is deteriorated after baking, which directly affects the product. Quality, and the use of moisture-proof boxes can effectively solve the above problems.

Moisture proof box definition

In the space that can ensure (airtightness), the dehumidification and dehumidification technology that can effectively reduce the original moisture in a specific capacity space is used to achieve "moisture proof", "proof proof", "anti-oxidation", and "prevention". Demand functions such as rust, anti-degradation, and anti-quality change. Such cabinets and cabinets are called "moisture-proof boxes" or "moisture-proof cabinets".

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