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PCB cutting machine Solid State Relay

Solid State Relay PCB cutting machine Product Description:

1. The machine was designed to depanel pre-scored panelboards carefully, without bending or tension stress.
2. Even sensitive SMD-Components like ceramic capacitors, will not be damaged by the depaneling process, or thin board even to 0.3mm cab be worked

3 . Separates boards up to 2.0 mm thick ( with minimum 0.5 mm scoring depth )
4 . Can be used with aluminum , FR4 , CEM3 and other substrates , including substrates with metal inner layers
5 . Separates PCBs with components located up to 0.5 mm from the score line
6 . Safe for use with flexible and thin PCBs
7 . Smooth , quiet pneumatic-powered unit with foot-pedal activation
8 . Wedge-shaped linear blades contour to v-groove score lines and operate in a rocking motion
9. Boards are separated without bending or breaking
10 . No safety risks to operator since there is never a gap greater than 4 mm between the upper and lower blades
11 . Adjust blades to PCB score line using rotary knob

Specification :

cutting length 200 mm
cutting thickness 0.3-3.5 mm
Machine size 450*200*460mm
Machine weight 90 kg
Model YSVC-330
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