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We are V-CUT PCB Separator manufacturers Product Description:

Flex PCB Circuit Automatic depaneling is an automated depaneling device developed and patented by Suzhou Yu Shun Li Electronics Co., Ltd. based on the needs of the T8LEDFlex light belt on the market today. It is targeted at the Flex PCB Circuit of the Flex PCB Circuit circuit board Depressed, according to the width of the customer requirements of the width of the board width of the full-page cutting, the cutting effect is good, fast, much customer-friendly; for different sizes and specifications of the LEDFlex PCB Circuit products; to solve the customer manual depaneling slow, cutting poor results problem;


1, for Flex light belt, Flex PCB circuit, Flex light bar circuit board LEDFlex light belt, Flex PCB Circuit, Flex light bar for cutting;

2, manually adjust the cutting blade module level, to solve the Flex PCB circuit thickness of the problem;

3,v cut with V groove guide to ensure product quality;

4, high efficiency: Vmax = 400mm / s, and the speed adjustable;

5, high precision, easy maintenance, high security;

6, the machine is simple, easy to use, solid and durable;

7, cutting mode lifting range: 25mm;

8, for different width of the Flex PCB Circuit, only need to replace the knife and fixture can be, easy to adjust;

9, cutting mode using left and right recycling, improve cutting efficiency;

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